Minutes of the October 18, 2016 Neighborhood-wide NWSNA Meeting

NWSNA Meeting  October 18, 2016  

 Present:  Carol Gulyas, President; Sophia Hauserman, Treasurer; Sandi Clothier, Vice President;  Olivia Dorfman, Secretary; Board Members  Cheryl Sweeney, Vernon Sweeney, Bill Baus; Carl Pearson (representing Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer), Marsha McCarty, Jean Graham, Rocky Festa, Pam Gladish (Bloomington Police Dept.) Vickie Provine (HAND), Peter Dorfman, Tracey Hodges

– Representative of School Board candidate Fuentes-Rohwer,  MCCSC Referendum –

Carl Pearson represented Cathy Fuentes-Rowher, who is a school board candidate.  According to Mr. Pearson, no members of the current board have children in the Monroe County school system, however Ms. Fuentes-Rowher has two children in the system now as well as two who have graduated from Monroe County schools.  She is an active supporter of public education who has advocated at the state level for Indiana’s public schools.  She believes in transparency in school governance, with goals established for proposed programs and ample opportunities for public comment.  She also supports the referendum to continue funding the MCCSC (Monroe County Community School Corporation).     This will enable our schools to continue providing programs and services endangered by state-level budget cuts.   To learn more about candidate Fuentes-Rowher, visit her candidate Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CathyforEducation/  To learn more about the referendum, visit http://www.yesformccsc.org/faq/

– Representative from Bloomington Police Dept. –
Sgt. Pam Gladish of the Bloomington Police Department reported on the relatively low incidence of crime in the Near West Side neighborhood, with statistics for the past nine months showing 6 assaults, 9 burglaries, 4 drug complaints, and 6 alcohol complaints.   She stressed the importance of neighbors sharing information with one another regarding unusual people or activities.  She also emphasized the need to report even small criminal incidents to the police.  The city website enables online reporting of activities such as vandalism or theft (of property valued at less than $750.) as long as the incident does not involve a specific suspect. Follow the guidelines at the website to make your report:  https://bloomington.in.gov/incident_reporting/

Sgt. Gladish noted that Police Officer Kevin Frank is our neighborhood resource officer who works with HAND (Housing and Neighborhood Development Department) to help resolve issues among neighbors in our community.  We discussed the possibility of having Officer Frank visit a NWSNA meeting in the future.

Rocky Festa would like to start a Neighborhood Watch Group. Neighborhood Watch Groups can be organized in several different ways. Often, according to Vicki Provine, they are not formal Watch Groups, but are simply groups of neighbors who choose to be in close communication. Sandi Clothier and others expressed concern about organizing a formal Neighborhood Watch Group, since that could make it seem as though the Near West Side has a high crime rate when in fact it doesn’t. There will be more discussion of this going forward.

– Sanitation Committee  –
Sandi Clothier informed us that she has joined the city committee that will be meeting over the next few months regarding the proposed changes in trash collection.  This proposal would replace the current “sticker system” with a flat-fee for trash collection.  Ms. Clothier will send summaries of these meetings which we will post to the neighborhood list and website.

Remember to follow opportunities for public review of this important plan.

Our next meeting will be November 15, 7-8pm. This is a Board Meeting, but open to anyone.

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