Minutes of the NWSNA Meeting, February 21, 2017

NWSNA Meeting February 21, 2017

 Present:  Carol Gulyas, Sandi Clothier, Olivia Dorfman, Bill Baus, Cheryl Sweeney, Vernon Sweeney

Sanitation – Sandi Clothier, a member of the city’s sanitation committee, reported that the committee has finished its plan for the future of trash collection in Bloomington. The public comment period now begins. (A link to a PDF of the proposal is attached.) The city will offer garbage containers in 35, 65 or 96 gallon sizes. A fee based on the size of the garbage can will be attached to the monthly utility bill.  Collection will be weekly.  We will need to call ahead to discard furniture, and if we have more trash than our container size we can call to have a second pickup during the week.  There will be an extra charge for those special services.   This trash collection plan would be phased in, most likely starting with the areas closest to the I.U. campus.  Recycling will continue, but will be weekly and “single stream,” with one bin or can for all recyclables together.  Recycling will continue to be free. A 96 gallon or smaller container will be distributed to us free of charge. Yard waste will be in current garbage cans or paper bags, and cost $1 a container with payment attached to your utility bill. Yard waste service will be biweekly. Garbage and yard waste tags will be eliminated. Old recycling and garbage containers may be recycled (or garbage containers may be used for yard waste). There are pricing plans, one based on current city subsidies and one based on eliminating the city subsidy.  That will be decided by the Council, though the report recommends keeping the current subsidies.

Bloomington Sanitation Modernization Plan

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