Minutes of the January 16, 2018 NWSNA Meeting

Present:  Carol Gulyas, Sandi Clothier, Olivia Dorfman, Bill Baus, Alan Balkema, Karlyn Grise, Bob Grise

– President Steps Down  –

Carol Gulyas announced her decision to step down as president of the Near West Side Neighborhood Association effective immediately or as of the April election. Alan Balkema volunteered to run for the office of president in April, and also to help with leadership responsibilities over the next few months. Carol noted that she already booked meeting dates at the Banneker Community Center for 2018.

– Neighborhood Cleanup  –

Alan Balkema offered to take charge of applying for a neighborhood cleanup grant from the city that has a March deadline.

– Comprehensive Plan  –

Sandi Clothier said that the Comprehensive Plan has 67 amendments, mostly non-controversial.  She noted that the plan includes more attention to sidewalks.

– CONA  –

Sandi Clothier reported that the Council of Neighborhood Associations would love to have more people involved.  Their meetings have changed to the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 6:30 in the Hooker Room at City Hall.

– Historic Preservation  –

Alan Balkema mentioned a conversation with Chris Sturbaum, City Council Member for District 1, about historic preservation designation as a way to deter major developments from our neighborhood.  There was some discussion on this, but no consensus.

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