Minutes of May 21, 2019 NWSNA Meeting

Near West Side Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes – May 21, 2019


Alan Balkema, Sandi Clothier, Olivia Dorfman, Vernon Sweeney, Cheryl Sweeney, Michelle Henderson, Jean Graham, Rocky Festa, Peter Dorfman, Zandro Pleimann, Bradi Heaberlin, Geri Cowell, Tim Clougher, David Walter

The meeting was held in the kitchen of the Banneker Center. Alan Balkema called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and began by asking for introductions from those present.

Treasurer’s Report –

Treasurer Bill Baus was not present, however he told Alan that we have $662. in our bank account and twenty members of the Neighborhood Association who have paid their dues.

Call for Candidates and Election of NWSNA Officers –

Alan said that he would run for another term as President.  Sandi Clothier said she would not run for another term as Vice President.  Bill Baus told Alan that he would run for another term as Treasurer.  Olivia Dorfman said she would not run for another term as Secretary because she is busy with Historic Designation activities.  Alan asked those present if there were any new candidates for any of the offices, and there were none.  Michelle moved that Alan be reelected as President, someone seconded it and all in favor said, “Aye.” There were no “Nays.” Alan was reelected as  President.  Alan moved that we continue with Bill Baus as Treasurer and Michelle seconded it.  All in favor said, “Aye,” and there were no “Nays.”  Bill was reelected as Treasurer.

Geri asked what the Vice President’s duties are and Alan explained that the Vice President runs the meeting if the President can’t make it.  Also, the Vice President attends the Association meetings and has a vote on the Board.

Since there were no candidates for Vice President, the office remains open.

Since there were no candidates for Secretary, there was a discussion about how we could handle not having a Secretary. Rocky suggested that perhaps the NWSNA should not meet as often.  Peter disagreed and said that would diminish the association.  It was suggested that the duty of taking minutes could rotate. Sandi said the rotating secretarial role could follow Robert’s Rules of Order and only record the group’s actions, rather than a narrative.  Cheryl said that members should have the right not to take a turn at keeping the minutes.  Alan moved that the Secretary office would rotate, with members having the right to decline. Olivia said she would continue to post meeting minutes and she would still be contributing to the website in connection with the Historic Designation Committee.  Olivia also said she should probably become an At-Large member of the Board since she, like Karen, Chairs a committee, but this was not formally voted on.

Request to Build Garage at 9th & John St. –

Zandro Pliemann presented his plan to build at garage behind his forthcoming residence. the garage would have an apartment above it.  Construction will begin in August.  Local high school building trades students will gain hands-on job skills by working on this project.

Fairview United Methodist Church Student Center and Residence –

Dave Walter spoke as a representative of Fairview United Methodist Church about their plan to remodel a portion of the church as a Wesley Foundation Living Learning Center.  This is in response to declining membership in the church, which will likely be closing at some point in the future. The residence would house 4 – 8 university students who are interested in the mission of the church and who would do student ministry work within the university and the community. The church needs variances and approvals to convert the building for housing.

Report of Bloomington Cooperative Living Project at 921 W. 9th St. –

Bradi Heaberlin reported that the Planning Commission on May 13 voted to recommend that their project should be approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals on May 23 at 5:30, which will give the final approval.  A few changes to the proposal were recommended, including the removal of some trees.  BCL also got support for having an on-site bicycle repair facility to promote use of bicycles.

Historic Designation Committee Update –

Olivia Dorfman reported that video of the April 26 Public Meeting has been added to the group’s website historicNWS.org.  Since then, Olivia and Karen Duffy have had two meetings related to the upcoming Public Meeting which will take place June 28, 7 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall. The first meeting was with Deb Hutton of Matlock Heights, who worked on her neighborhood’s designation as a Conservation district.  The second meeting was with Conor Herterich, who discussed various methods for recording the community’s level of support for historic designation.  Olivia and Karen are planning a meeting of the Historic Designation Committee in the first week of June to coordinate plans for the Public Meeting.

Questions/Comments –

Sandi reported that the Bloomington has appointed two neighborhood resource specialists who will respond to concerns, patrol neighborhoods, engage the community, check on elderly or disabled residents, and respond to nuisances, suspicious activities, or parking violations. They are not police officers, but they can alert the police if necessary. Their names are Gabriela Esquivel and Frankie Presslaff and they can be reached at (812) 339-4477

Old Business –

Alan mentioned again that the June 1 Farmers Market will have neighborhood representatives. Rocky and Jean had volunteered at the last meeting to do this, but Rocky will be unable to do so.  Alan said he would attend.

Bradi said that, if all goes as planned, BCL would like to meet with the neighbors in August or September to discuss ideas for cooperative projects between BCL and the neighborhood.

Questions/Comments –

There were no questions or comments.

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