Final Public Meeting: NWS Historic Designation Committee

The NWS Historic Designation Committee is preparing for its Final Public Meeting: June 28, 7 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall, 401 N. Morton St.

Beginning at this June 28 public meeting, the committee will be conducting a vote among property owners to gauge the level of support for submitting an application to the City for Local Designation as either a Conservation District or a Full Historic District.

The committee held public meetings in February and April, and assembled  information about what  Local Designation might mean for the Near West Side. This information (including videos and PowerPoint presentations from the public  meetings) is on the webpage

This Town Hall-style meeting is a special opportunity to build community, ask questions, and vote. Voting begins at the meeting, and continues via mail or online through July 31. Property owners not in attendance will receive mailed voting information. If not received by July 8, contact

Using the property owner address list provided by the City, on June 17 a postcard was mailed to Near West Side property owners announcing  the upcoming meeting and vote.  If you are a property owner on the Near West Side and do not receive this postcard, please send an email with your name, your NWS property address, and your correct mailing address to:

Look for a Facebook event post on the Near Westside Neighbors – Bloomington Facebook group page, and an upcoming letter in the Herald-Times.

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