Minutes of June 18, 2019 NWSNA Meeting

Near West Side Neighborhood Meeting Minutes- June 18 2019

Present: Peter Dorfman, Olivia Dorfman, , Joe Neukam, Karen Duffy, Alan Balkema, Vernon Sweeny, Rocky Festa, Jean Graham,  Fiona Taggart

Melanie Venslage- Harm Reduction Educator Monroe County Health Department

Secretary Election: Fiona Taggart as secretary for 1 year

Treasurers Report: Bank account remains the same since big surge last month

Presentation by Melanie Vekman- Monroe County Health Department

Harm reduction educator here to talk about syringe disposal

  • What to do if you find sharps?
    • You can get a sharps container from the Health Department to dispose
    • You can put the syringe in a puncture proof container (such as laundry detergent bottle) and put in trash
    • You can call 1-812-567-2337(Indiana Recovery Alliance) or the Health Department
    • There’s a sharps container at the Butler Community Garden as well
    • https://www.co.monroe.in.us/topic/subtopic.php?topicid=168&structureid=12 Interactive map on public disposal option
  • Question if step sharp what to do? Answer: go to physician to be assessed they can do rapid anti body test and can test viral load
  • According to CDC no HIV has been transmitted to community via found syringe. HIV fragile virus doesn’t survive long, Hep C more robust
  • Syringe exchange service program provide clean syringe and place to dispose
  • If in exchange program and found with a syringe individual won’t be prosecuted Member are giving a card with a volunteer code to show police.
  • Other services can do naloxone training if someone would like it.

 Historic Designation Committee Report: provided by Olivia Dorfman

Over the last six months, the NWS Historic Designation Committee held public meetings in February and April, and assembled  information (including videos and PowerPoint presentations from the public  meetings) on the webpage www.HistoricNWS.org.  Now the Committee is preparing for the Final Public Meeting: June 28, 7 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall, 401 N. Morton St.

Using the property owner address list provided by the City, yesterday (June 17) we mailed a postcard to Near West Side property owners that announces the upcoming meeting and vote.  Today, we also posted a Facebook event about the meeting, and an announcement on the Listserv. A letter to the Herald Times has been submitted.

At the June 28 Public Meeting, we will present a recap of the prior public meetings, followed by a Town Hall style community discussion.  The meeting is an opportunity to build community, ask questions, and register preferences: “in favor of” or “against” Local Designation and, if the majority vote “in favor of,” for which district type (Full Historic or Conservation).

The purpose of this vote is to determine if there is support in our neighborhood for submitting an application to the City for some form of Local Designation.  Please note: Applying does not guarantee that Designation will be granted.

At the final Public Meeting, we will distribute a voting information letter including the ballot and e-voting instructions.  After the discussion, we will begin collecting votes from neighborhood property owners.

Following the final Public Meeting, we will mail the voting information letter to neighborhood property owners who did not attend the meeting.  Any Near West Side property owner who does not attend the meeting should look to receive the voting information letter by July 8, and should contact the committee at nwshdcommittee@gmail.com  if they do not receive their letter.  Voting will continue through July 31.

Historic Designation Discussion

  • Name on the deed is who gets to vote, so if two names on deed both get to vote. Each person only vote one time, even if own multiple houses.
  • Do not have to pay dues to vote
  • People count as votes not the building, because that’s how the city does it
  • 12 neighborhoods gone historic
  • No other group has tried to do it as democratic as NWS
  • talk it up and encourage people to come to final public meeting June 28, 7pm Council Chambers, City Hall, 401 N Morton St.

Picnic Social Gathering

  • August 18th 4-6 PM
  • Alan will book shelter
  • Announce list serve and Facebook
  • July meeting Tuesday 16th Send list who brings what

Other Items

  • Jean and Alan did neighborhood day at farmers market. Alan showed 8am got shady spot
  • Vicky Provine liaison all association she’s retiring at end of year

The meeting was adjourned before 8 pm.

Minutes submitted by Fiona Taggart, Secretary NWS Neighborhood Association

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