Minutes of September 17 NWSNA Meeting

Present: Rocky Festa, Jean Graham, Bradi Heaberlin, Bill Baus, Alan Balkema, Beth Ellis, Tamera Theodore, Fiona Taggart, Nate Johnson, Olivia Dorfman, Peter Dorfman, Sheri Benham, Bob Grise, Karlyn Grise, Cheryl Sweeney, Karen Duffy, Vernon Sweeney

Meeting minutes by Fiona Taggart.

Speaker Kirste Lindberg from city of Bloomington to talk about storm drains

  • There are many through out the city including on properties.
  • Adopt a drain program. Become a steward. Storm Drains can have issues with blooms and sometimes grass clippings and leaves cause problem which reduce water quality and increase chance flooding.
  • There’s a grant available in January for Green Storm Water.
  • Comments from group:
    • Grates that are in the green area between road and side walk, also a good idea to make sure are clear.
    • Water ponds contribute to mosquito issues.
    • Part of the mosquito problem old sewer system is ideal mosquito nursery-an issue that can’t really be solved.
  • Leaf clean up, leaves should be in between road and side walk as close to curb as possible but not in the street.
  • Information for the storm water plan and fall leaves can be found on City of Bloomington website https://bloomington.in.gov/departments/public-works/street

Treasurers report $301.79

Bradi Heaberlin: Bloomington Co-op progress

  • Summary of Co-op
    • 501c3 non profit
    • Communal and affordable living.
    • Plan to buy and renovate 921 9th -7000 square ft building still working on project.
  • Where currently are in the process:
    • Coop still getting the use variance and bids for renovation.
    • Co-op is about 6 weeks from final offer.
  • UDO: cannot speak for co-op, but individually: UDO affordable housing still scale up alternative that’s not as affordable as something like the co-op
  • If people interested in being involved- there will be openings to let people help-every hour of volunteer work makes the housing project more affordable.
  • The city definition of Co-op different than Bloomington Co-op, and the only co-op in town doesn’t fit the city’s current definition.
  • bloomingtoncoop@gmail to contact Bradi.

Alan meeting with Shray regarding the building

  • Alan got a phone call from someone named Shray and met him at the property 921 W 9th St property (the one the co-op is planning on buying) and Shray had the keys to the house.
  • Shray explained his company does high end corporate short term rentals.
  • Alan said the neighborhood not zoned for that purpose.
  • Alan showed him around town and found out he owned another property at 501 W Rogers.
  • Shray wanted to meet with the neighborhood, which Alan tried to make happen, but then never heard from Shray again.

NWS Historic Designation committee

  • Submitted application for NWS Conservation District on September 16.
  • District includes 324 properties, nearly three-quarters of which were rated as having historic value of Contributing or higher.
  • The application includes a 47-page photo appendix. Thanks to Christine Lovelace for formatting the photos and captions.
  • Committee was surprised how old houses are on 6th
  • At its September 26th meeting, the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) will approve or reject neighborhood committee’s application. The City mailed notification of the meeting to NWS property owners. Neighborhood attendance at HPC meeting optional but appreciated. If HPC approves application,City Council will vote on whether Conservation District is approved. Neighborhood attendance at City Council meeting will be important

[Update: HPC did approve the application and forwarded it to City Council with recommendation to approve. Date for City Council hearing has not yet been set.]

 UDO Concerns

  • Public comment periods nearing an end on UDO. Next phase is City Council process to revise the final document and then approve it.
  • Housing complex for students update: made building smaller and it was approved.
  • Group discussion about concern for people currently living at (to be demolished) Motel 6.
  • UDO planning commission going to recommend duplexes and triplexes as conditional use in the core neighborhoods. This will be reviewed by City Council and more public comments may be necessary.
  • Concern developers move quickly.
  • Historic designation makes it harder to demolish structures, would like to see less demolition.

Proposed Neighborhood Initiative on weed removal.

  • If interest from neighborhood, start an initiative for weed removal. Maybe get Duke Energy involved. Are grants available for hauling away the yard waste? Comments that Duke doesn’t gently trim.
  • People have invasive plants.
    • Ttalk to people about winter creeper climbing & eventually killing trees.
    • Hhoneysuckle fine before is starts fruiting, important to remove berries.
    • Poison ivy growing into sidewalk 7th has a spot so does Fairview.
    • Comment don’t use Round Up- causing cancer.

Other discussions

  • Meeting about Adams St. physically protected bike lane September 23 6pm City Council chambers.
  • Plan to extend B-line past Adams
    • You’d be able to bike to YMCA.
  • Head stone restoration work shot this Saturday (9/22) Rosewood cemetery also dedicate refurbished archway.
  • Discussion dog owner not picking up after pets.
    • City has signs, can we get some signs or bags. City signs look official.
    • Contact animal control.
    • Sophia following up about city signs.
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