Minutes from Nov 19, 2019 NWSN Association Meeting

NWSN Association Minutes Nov 19, 2019

Attendees: Fiona Taggart, Vernon Sweeney, Cherye Sweeney, Olivia Dorfman, Alan Balkema, Bill Baus, Jean Graham, Michelle Henderson

Treasury report: $354

City council scheduled vote on Conservation district is Dec 4th

December 5th Conservation District Celebration: intended for everyone on committee, or who spoke at public meeting. Plan to have at Crazy Horse: Michelle seeing if room available

Discussion about UDO amendments and City Council and updates:

  • Several neighbors spoke in opposition to proposed amendments to densify core neighborhoods
  • Worst amendment saying build whatever you want withdrawn.
  •  Others allowing duplexes and triplexes anywhere on corner lots voted down
  • Comments made that Bloomington is densifying there are many apartments and our neighborhood has a healthy density.
  • At meeting only allowed 1 minute to speak.

ADU (Accessory Dueling Unit e.g. garage apartments, in-law house etc.) need to go to neighborhood association meeting for approval.

  • Short discussion on how city could help home owners build ADUs: special loans, affordable pre fab houses etc.
  • ADU proposed changed to increase allowed size.
  • Must be owner occupied.

Invite new in January council member Kate Rosenberger to January meeting

Holiday Party: Pot Luck December 17th

Bill Baus Hosting at his home 6:30 PM

City will print flyers intending to go door to door with flyers.

Banneker Community Center received grant to enhance facility for $199,600. Will use Grant to change rooms to make the building more functional.

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