Minutes of May 19 NWSNA Meeting

Near West Side Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the May 19, 2020 Zoom Meeting

The virtual meeting was facilitated by Olivia Dorfman and began at 7:00 p.m. After a brief introductory primer on the basic functions of the Zoom platform, president Alan Balkema assumed the role of chairman.

Virtually present were: Alan Balkema, Bill Baus, Sheri Benham, Sandi Clothier, Peter and Olivia Dorfman, Karen Duffy, Natalia Galvan, Christopher Harrell, Megan Hutchinson, Joe Neukam, and Vernon and Cheryl Sweeney.

The only item on the agenda was the election of officers for the next year. Four volunteers had stepped forward to fill the four positions: Peter Dorfman for president, Alan Balkema for VP, Bill Baus for treasurer and Jennifer Ryan for secretary. Alan asked meeting attendees if anyone wanted to throw their hat into the ring to contest any of the positions. No one volunteered. The question was put to a vote, and the slate of candidates was elected.

The executive board of the NWSNA through May of 2021 are:

  • Peter Dorfman – president
  • Alan Balkema – vice president
  • Bill Baus – treasurer
  • Jennifer Ryan – secretary

Bill gave the Treasurer’s report; we have $351.74 in the bank, plus $110.50 in recently received dues to be deposited, for a total of $462.24.

Sandi reported on information from a recent Council of Neighborhood Associations meeting. The city has chosen a firm to manage the redevelopment of the hospital site, and that there will be future meetings connected with this. Also, MC-IRIS, the Monroe County Invasive Species control group will present at the July 14th meeting of CONA.

A brief discussion followed about moving forward. We projected that the June meeting would probably also be virtual. Stay tuned for more info on that.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30.

After the official meeting had ended, several attendees had an informal conversation. We discussed exploring ways to make sure we reach everyone in the neighborhood, particularly those who aren’t on Facebook or the Listserv. We also discussed how we might help people in the neighborhood who have been impacted by the pandemic get connected with City programs and social services they might need. Peter suggested we might invite a member of the City government to address our June meeting.

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