‘Blooming Neighborhoods’ Will Be a Virtual Celebration, September 28, 2020

The Bloomington office of Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) is looking for help marking National Good Neighbor Day through its Blooming Neighborhoods celebration — an annual Bloomington tradition for over 20 years. This year HAND is planning a special virtual commemoration of Bloomington neighborhoods and is looking for help to make it a success.

HAND will produce a commemorative video, incorporating information about each of Bloomington’s 63 neighborhood associations, including:

  • Maps of the neighborhood’s location within the city;
  • Maps of the neighborhood association’s boundaries;
  • Amenities such as parks, businesses, churches, etc.;
  • Historical context, including, but not limited to: architectural styles, layout of streets/alleys, history of land development, historical figures who may have lived in the neighborhood;
  • Stories from the neighbors who live there.

From HAND: “We want to know why you love your neighborhood, what makes it special? What was it like in the ‘good old days’? How has it changed over the years? If you’re new to your neighborhood, why did you choose it? We are interested in gathering personal or family histories (written, audio or video), interesting facts about the neighborhood, and images of old photos, maps or artifacts.”

We’ll be talking about this at the July 21 Near West Side Neighborhood Association meeting (7 pm, on Zoom — invitation to come). In the meantime, if you have ideas specific to the Near West Side (and especially if you have old photos or digitized home movies that could be used), please go to the NWSNA’s Contact page and tell us what you’ve got.

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